Drum Tables – Classic Elegance

Drum tables, just as the name implies, are tables that also serve as a drumming instrument. Inspired by Native American culture traditions, these styles of furniture are gradually gaining popularity in our modern society. The instrument and table piece of furniture derived its concept from Native American slaves who hundreds of years ago, attempted to hide their handmade instruments by disguising them as everyday useful tools and items, as they were not permitted to have these recreational outlets according to their owners. While one might initially picture this Native American, western lodge type style as being particular to the Southwestern region of the United States, people all over the world are starting to implement this warm Drum table design into their homes.

Drum tables are very versatile in style and cut and because of this fact, can fit comfortably in virtually any room of your house depending on the model selected. Drum tables can be placed against the wall in a living room; they can serve as a type of mantel in a bedroom and even in the foyer as a familiar way to greet your guests. The table seems to work best, though, if given its own space and attention in the room of which it is located. These tables work very well as the focal point of an area. With many other capabilities to dress the tables up, as well, you can really go all out with the western style.

When choosing a table of this style, you have many options. Tables vary in height and as for shape, most are either a tall cylindrical, upright barrel type of structure or an elongated piece that backs flat up against a wall, similar but very different from an armoire. Other tables, such as the ones more pub-style in design, that is taller with a smaller circular surface area, can be used as ideal end tables, coffee tables or as that one of a kind accessory for your personal recreation room. Though many furniture companies have found a way to mass produce these items, you will likely find a good amount of retailers who offer one of kind selections. Most of the furniture you will come across will be hand carved to distinct perfection, and sometimes painted with ink, to give the piece a great authentic Native American look.

Tables of this nature can be either used for simple decoration purposes or as a convenient place of storage. While it certainly wouldn’t hurt to use the piece in a similar fashion as you might use for instance, the top of a dresser or armoire, for holding loose change and random everyday pocket items like your keys. But quite often to utilize these tables for something trivial like that undermines their importance and underrates the craft and skill that was put into making each individual piece of furniture. The best way to appreciate a piece like this is to make it the centerpiece of a room where the only items placed within or on top of it are designed to aid in its decoration and traditional elegance.