Dry Ice Blasting For Historical Restoration

Dry ice blasting is quickly becoming the industry standard for historical renovation projects. This powerful and efficient restoration method removes paint, mold, smoke stains, soot and years of dirt, scum and carbon build-up from any surface.

Learn how cleaning with CO2 blasting can remove all kinds of grime and remove lead-based paint while bringing out original the beautiful, delicate finishes originally hand-laid into the facades, entryways, walls and ceilings of these beautiful, old historic structures.

The Advantages of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

In the hands of a skilled blast cleaning technician, this ground breaking blast cleaning method is plenty aggressive, but delicate enough to protect even the most intricate work in masonry, stone, terracotta, clay, marble and limestone.

Unlike abrasive or chemical restoration methods, dry ice blasting does not scratch or stain the surface. Instead, it uncovers the underlying surface and restores historic structures to their original beauty and detail. Ice blast cleaning is easy to control and reaches the tightest cracks and corners without damaging surrounding objects.

Ice blasting is safe for the environment because it does not use dangerous chemicals or leave hazardous fumes behind and is safe for workers since it is non-flammable and non-conductive

Ice blasting technologies have been used with tremendous success on a wide variety of historical restoration projects around the world, such as:

  • Brick, Stone and Masonry Cleaning
  • Fire restoration of brick and Wood
  • Gum, Tar, Paint and Graffiti Removal
  • Log Cabin and Wooden Structure Restoration

These are just a few of the creative applications of this great technology. There is really no end to the applications for this revolutionary cleaning method.

The great Midwestern American cities, like Detroit, MI., Cleveland, OH., Cincinnati, OH., Toledo, OH. and Chicago, IL. are making great comebacks. These cities have seen the worst economic times. They all have great historical buildings and many architects and master builders are working hard to bring these great cities back to life. Many building restoration professionals are searching for a way to restore these old, historic structures to their original beauty and prestige. CO2 blasting is the answer that all these historic restoration specialists are looking for.

Ice blast cleaning works very well on the following structural elements:

  • Brick
  • Fire damaged timber beams and columns
  • Mold infested floor joists and decking
  • Old and dirty hardwood flooring
  • Remove old plaster from walls and ceilings
  • Remove old lead-based paint from walls, beams, columns ceilings and floors

Cleaning with dry ice creates no secondary waste and restores historic structures to their original beauty, and architectural splendor.