Dry Penis Skin – How to Treat It How to Prevent It

One of the most common penis problems men experience is dry penis skin, which can include itchiness and, when penis is erect, an uncomfortable sense of stretching or cracking of dry skin even a slight sense of pain. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem but fortunately there are a variety of options to treat dry penile skin and steps to prevent penile skin from becoming dry. Aside from visiting a health professional which can be costly and prolonged, the least time consuming and least expensive method is probably to use a penis health creme on a regular basis to avoid the chances of developing dry penis skin in the first place.

What is dry penis skin?

As the name suggests, dry penis skin is skin on or around the tip of the penis that feels dry when touched. It can be particularly noticeable when the penis is erect, and is generally characterized as skin that is not supple, feels “dry” and occasionally is uncomfortably sensitive, even painful.

What causes dry penis skin?

There are a number of factors that can lead to penis skin becoming dry:

• Friction – an excessive rubbing of the penis can cause the skin on the tip of penis to become dry and sore. In its simplest form this can be caused by overly tight or rough clothing but excessive masturbation or prolonged periods of sexual activity can also cause this problem.

• Allergies – certain chemicals that the penis can be exposed to can lead to the skin becoming dry and irritated. These may include spermicides in condoms, products in soap and detergents or perfumes. Checking your allergies with a doctor can help cut down on these problems.

• Psoriasis – Occasionally, men can experience psoriasis around the genitals which may not only affect the penis but also the inner thigh, buttocks and groin. Again, a doctor will be able to prescribe a cure for any genital psoriasis.

• Washing with soap – although many men think they are being hygienic by washing with soap, some chemicals found in the products can remove a protective oil, known as sebum, from the penis, leading it to become dry.

What problems can dry penis skin cause?

Although it may only sound like a relatively minor issue, dry penis skin can lead to sexual and genital health problems:

• Loss of penis sensation – over time, excessively dry skin on the penis can lead men to experience a loss of penile sensation, making it hard to get or maintain an erection and possibly leading to an unfulfilling sex life.

• Penis skin cracking – dry skin on the penis can result in microscopic cracks over time, which can allow bacteria and other microscopic organisms to infiltrate the penis, enter the blood stream and may lead, eventually, to infections which can occur anywhere in the body

• Soreness / Itching – No amount of pain is pleasant, but in a sensitive area like the penis it can really become an issue, affecting sex life and leading to a lowered sense of self confidence and potential damage to the penis over time.

How to treat dry penis skin

A doctor may be able to prescribe medication for specific allergies, although to prevent dry penis skin altogether a penis emollient that contains penis specific ingredients (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) the combination of which ensures dry skin on the penis is dealt with quickly and efficiently. A penis health creme can also be used to help prevent other problems related to dry penis skin, such as loss of penis sensation and red, irritated penile skin.