Dry Socket Symptoms and Its Treatment

Dry socket is a complication of healing of wounds after extracting a tooth. It surrounds the teeth and a part of our jawbone. It is generally caused when a blood clot forms after extracting the tooth. Granulation tissue also called the healing tissue is supposed to replace the blood clot which may fail to grow or be disrupted after beginning to grow resulting into the creation of dry sockets. Healing wounds is not an easy thing to do as the process is very complex and can positive or negatively affected by many factors. They are the most common healing disturbance of extraction sockets. At the later stage of disruption of the extraction of sockets may lead to necrotizing osteitis in which bony sequestrate will be noted alongside inflammatory cells.

Usually dry sockets occurs for 3-5 days or can be more after the extraction of tooth which might cause unbearable pain and the worst part is, it is difficult to localize. Generally doctor understands by observing the side effects like detritus, grayish slough, severe pain and foul odor. The foul odor, in particular, that makes the doctor realize that the person is suffering from it. The foul odor generally come the blood clot that profusely falls after the extraction of the tooth. Bare bone which is generally sensitive will be encountered if a probe is gently passed in the tooth extraction socket then. This is a bit strange that nobody knows clearly why dry socket develops after a tooth has been extracted. Some people thinks that it is because the extraction process is quite complex. Some people think too much of smoking can cause this kind of problems as they reduce the amount of oxygen which is available in healing tissues. So it will be a smart thing to do if you avoid smoking for some days.

The treatment of this condition is very painful too as they don’t use anesthesia while removing the dry socket. The person suffering from dry socket will be in his full consciousness when the process will take place. one of the best ways to treat this is to consult the doctors or any specialist so that they can give you the correct medicine or remedy to cure your problem. Consulting a doctor is the smartest way to go.

Ignoring the problem will only worsen your condition and make the treatment more complicated and painful. Also, you must be well aware of the symptoms that acts as a signal for impending dry socket situation. A little awareness on your part can go a long way in helping to reduce this dental abnormality.