Dual Arc Bulbs

Growing plants inside requires more than just your ordinary source of light. You need the type of light bulb that produces consistent light, heat and durability. One of the best, most efficient type of light sources that can perform the job is the dual arc bulbs.

Dual arc builds contain the full photosynthesis spectrum that allows plants to absorb all the light needed to help nourish them while they grow. Having the full spectrum of light available is vital for plants to grow properly. Along with adding water and vital nutrients, thanks to the presence of high output MH and HPS burner cores in one lamp body, dual arc bulbs are a vital part of the indoor garden.

What follows are example of dual arc bulbs that provide a powerful amount of the right type of light for your plants.

EYE Hortilux Super Blue 1000 Watt Bulb: You will get an amazing amount of light from this highly powerful bulb that is perfect to help your plants grow, especially if you have a large number of plants that need a constant source of light. The Super HPS and the spectrum of the Hortilux-Blue are perfectly balanced all inside a single bulb. Essentially, your plants will develop faster and will bloom more readily as well. The HPS system is environmentally friendly which means you can safely dispose of it after it has burned out.

Ultra Sun 1000 Watt Arc LU1000MH/DA 110,000: This Lumens ET-25 has an impressive 600 watt HPS and a 400 Watt MH arc tube that you can find all in one bulb. The effect is that this bulb can achieve 3000oK color temperature. This means that this bulb can promote full, flowering growth from your plants. Operating at a standard 1000 Watts, the HPS electronic or magnetic ballast, this particular light is perfect for your indoor garden and depending on the retail store, even comes with a one year warranty.

Ushio Hilux Gro AMX: This 1000 Watt dual core will provide the full spectrum of light for the complete photosynthesis effect. When you consider the high output HPS and MH burner cores are present in a single bulb. This grow light is moderately priced and very effective in allowing plants to reach their full potential.

The hybrid effect created by the combination of metal halide and the high pressure sodium into one tube means that you get the best type of grow lights that are available. What’s even more interesting is that this combination recreates the natural color of sunlight as well, so that the subtle shades, colors and tints of real sunlight are captured within this type of bulb more effectively than with any other known type.

Another advantage is that the straightforward nature of the dual arc bulb means that you can use it to grow plants in your indoor garden as well as flowers. This makes sense when you think about how two seemingly different types of plants still respond the same to natural sunlight.

Dual arc bulbs are easily the best type of artificial light you can use for your indoor plants.