Dual Monitors With Different Wallpapers – A How to Set Up

Let’s get right into this so as not to waste time. Make sure that before you do this you obviously have two monitors working independently from each other or this won’t work. Also don’t forget where the location of your two background images (ex. C:Documents and SettingsStevenDesktopbg1.jpg), because you will need this later. Finally it is best to do this with as few other programs or windows open.

First let’s start with making sure you have the background for the first monitor set up. It will be the same process that you would use to normally change your background. If you’re background is already set up then go ahead to the next step. Otherwise right click your mouse anywhere on your open desktop and go to the “Properties” command at the bottom. After that you will see the “Display Properties” window open with different tabs and most likely you’ll be in the “Themes” tab. Switch to the “Desktop” tab by clicking on it and hit the “Browse…” button to find the picture for your background. As soon as you find the file open it and then hit apply and now both monitors should have the same image on them.

Next we need to get another wallpaper onto the other monitor however it won’t be as simple as just doing the same process on the other monitor but you’d be surprised as to how easy it is. Now since you still have the “Display Properties” window open in the “Desktop” tab, you’ll see another button that says “Customize Desktop…” When you click this button a “Desktop Items” window should open in a “General” tab. You want to be in the “Web” tab so click that one. You’ll see 4 buttons on the right side of this page that read “New…”, “Delete”, “Properties”, and finally “Synchronize”. You want to click the “New…” button. Now you see a “New Desktop Item” window pop up with that familiar “Browse…” button on it. Click that button and find your other picture and hit open. Next hit “OK” in the “New Desktop Item” window, again in the “Desktop Items” window, and finally hit “OK” in the “Display Properties” window.

You will now see the second image somewhere on your desktop (normally the center). If you drag your mouse over it you will see a border around it and if you move to the top of it you’ll see a bar that will allow you to drag it to one monitor and maximize it using the button third from the right. Once you have done this to your other monitor, right click and go to “Arrange Icons” and then click “Lock Web Items on Desktop”.

Now both monitors should have different wallpapers of your choosing.