Dubai Container

Most of the U.A.E shipping activities are dominated by Rashid Port of Dubai. However among all the small and large ports of Dubai as well as the leading ports of the U.A.E the shipping capacity of Port Rashid is the most efficient. In terms of size Dubai container facilities of Port Rashid is comparatively smaller than the Jebel Port but it is one of the most modern ports. Another advantage enjoyed by Port Rashid is its strategic position.

On the other hand the Jebel Port which is much larger than Port Rashid is popularly known as the Mina Jebel Ali port. The Jebel Ali Port was constructed towards the late seventies and is located approximately thirty five Kilometers towards the south west of Dubai. The harbor here is tagged as the largest man made harbor of the world, with the port being considered as the biggest in the Middle East.

The Jebel Ali Port is the most visited port of the world because of the depth of its harbor and its facilities. If you are into shipping then you can get the best Dubai container facilities here.

Dubai ports have world-class facilities and have been ranked as the 9th Top Container Port of the world. Dubai port world was set up in the year 2005 to manage its ports and has since emerged as the best of the lot in the entire region and has also been able to make its presence felt worldwide. It proved to be a successful corporate integration between Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Port Internal Terminals and has thus helped augment Dubai container services.

The man made commercial deep water port, Mina Rashid port, provides passenger and Ro-Ro facilities. There is a large dry dock facility in the Persian Gulf which is the only one in the region and is adjacent to the Mina Rashid port.

Any services related to ship and air chartering, ship brokering, project forwarding and heavy lift transportation can be availed from the various Dubai shipping agencies. You can also get self-propelled semi-submersible vessels, tugs, barges, general cargo vessels, landing craft, supply boats etc if the need arises so.

There are professional shipping companies specializing in services like commercial operations, Dubai container services, ship management, ship supplies, agency services etc. There are others who provide carrier feeder services that are linked to trans-shipment ports and they have their own fleet of vessels headquartered in different countries or locations.

Apart from availing ISO tank containers under Dubai container facilities, shipping agencies also offers liner services, vessel husbanding, project cargoes, and freight forwarding including logistics and distribution, cargo services, towage and lighter age, insurance, travel, and general trading covering all the major cities of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan etc.