Ductless Portable Air Conditioner – Comparison With A Ductless Split Unit

Spring and summer are the best times to own an air conditioner and the fall is the best time to buy it, considering all the end-of-season specials and installation rebates. And after the scorching heat of this summer, many are decided they will be better equipped next summer. But what air conditioning unit to buy? In this article, we will present three major advantages of ductless split unit air conditioner as compared with ductless portable air conditioner. By the time you finish reading, you should be better equipped to see which type of room AC might best suit you. The three major advantages of split units are: Minimal space requirement, Higher cooling efficiency, and Low noise.

Minimal space requirement

Ductless split units take up very little space in the room. The inside unit of the split AC system is either installed on the wall, such as above the window, or is recessed in the   ceiling , or is  suspended  from the  ceiling . In either case, the ductless split unit, wall mounted or otherwise, is slim and will not take up any useful space in the room. In contrast, a ductless portable air conditioner will be much bulkier, it will take up valuable floor space, and its air tubes will meander across a part of the room to the window opening. As the tubes can not be bent arbitrarily tightly, the portable unit may be positioned as far as a few yards away from the window, taking up precious floor space.

Higher cooling efficiency

Ductless mini split systems clearly separate the cooling part inside the room from the heating part outside. Therefore, there is never a need to put one in direct contact with the other. In contrast, the usually very hot exhaust air tube of the ductless portable AC is still placed inside the room, heating that part of the room. The portable, single piece unit has to work harder to keep the room cool. In other words, a portable AC is less energy efficient. This is reflected in the EER and SEER, seasonal energy efficiency ratings of portable air conditioners, as well as in their lack of the EPA-sponsored EnergyStar label. The cooling efficiency of recirculating portable AC types, or dual hose portable air conditioners, is better than the cooling efficiency of single hose air conditioners, but still incomparable to that of the ductless split unit systems.

Low noise

As the louder, compressing part in the split unit ductless air conditioner is placed outside the house, so is most of its noise. If you are needing air conditioning in the bedroom, the noise can be a problem. In contrast, a ductless portable air conditioner’s operation will be quite a bit noisier as both the compressing part and the expanding, or the evaporating part are located in the single, indoor unit.