Duodenal Switch Cost – What is the Price of Duodenal Switch Surgery?

A duodenal switch reduces the stomach and bypasses the major part of the small intestine, thereby restricting the absorption of food calories and fat. This helps in reducing the weight of the patient. As obese people are the ones opting for this type of surgery, it is a good method of reduction.

It is a fairly long operation but can also be done laproscopically. The cost of the operation varies a great deal. Different countries have different rates. The operation needs an expert surgeon and the cost of the surgery will depend a lot on the surgeon’s fees. The more experienced he is, the higher his charges will be. This operation also needs hospital stay of four to five days. The charges will depend on the hospital also. The operating room charges, the recovery room charges, the anesthetics charges, medicines, check ups, pre and post consultations all cost money. Hence mentioning a correct figure is not possible.

However, on an average one can say that a duodenal switch operation costs $20,000 and above. The rates are lower in Spain and other places on the continent but may be higher in the US. However air fare, hotel charges, will be included as well. There are patients who have shelled out $ 50,000 for this type of surgery.

The duodenal switch is covered by most health insurance companies. But this has to be discussed in advance. Duodenal switch is considered to be a health related operation and hence there is insurance cover for it. People who are grossly overweight, who cannot control their weight through exercise and diet, go in for this surgery almost as a last resort.

People can tolerate this procedure better than the other similar operations. Here there is not much restriction of food, though the patient will not be able to eat more without vomiting. This is because the stomach has shortened and the patient will take a longer time to adjust to it. Once this is adjusted, the aim of reducing weight can be achieved. Calories and fat are not absorbed so even if they are eaten, there is no fear.

This method has other advantages. It brings down the blood pressure, controls diabetes and arthritis which are relieved in a short time after the surgery. Hence even if the cost is slightly higher than in other methods, the advantages are worth paying. The operating doctors are also confident of this surgery and most would recommend it. The patient will have no complaints.