Dust and Carpet

For those of you not in the know Phoenix, Arizona is a desert, complete with cactus, sand, tumbleweeds, stores that sell cowboy boots and dust, lots and lots of dust. It's not poor Phoenix's fault that it was placed right in the middle of a desert but we residents make the most of it by adding pools, grass, golf courses and shopping malls amongst others. When one of the many and growing numbers of Phoenix citizens utilizes these fine additions that they enter in to the dust that we fondly refer to outside. Unfortunately this dust, while adding to the exceptional landscape, sticks to shoes, enters inside of every home and can seriously affect your carpeting. After a short period of time every Valley resident will notice build up of dust and dirt around their front doors (inside and outside), windows, back yards and back door and along their floor boards.

It is a wise decision to have a good and reliable vacuum on hand for all Phoenix area homes to keep the dust and its build up in check, as the more that accrues the easier it is for stains, streaks and soiling to occur in your carpeting . If any moisture is present in the carpet it will only make matters worse bringing more staining and mess to the surface. Carpet cleaning is one of the most proactive forms of fighting damage to your carpets by merely scheduling a regular visit every half a year to year for your residential carpet cleaning needs. This will allow for appropriate cleaning and longevity, as well as stunning appearance for you home and its flooring and even help with health issues.

The dust, while containing dirt and other items that can soil your carpets also contain microbes and mites. In Phoenix we have a condition known as Valley Fever which is a fungus that turns into a mold and is breathed in when the dust and soil it resides in is disturbed.

House dust mites are said to be a cause of asthma, different forms of eczema and nasal allergies. These fancy critters eat the dust in our homes that is actually the skin that has been discarded from our bodies. While there is quite a lot of this in a persons bed this sort of "dust" is everywhere in a persons home and regular washing, vacuuming and carpet cleaning will help in lowering you chances of incident with these always present bugs.

With unrivaled construction next to most neighborhoods, never ending road work and high winds during monsoon season these different organisms can certainly affect various people as well as wreak havoc for any sufferer of allergies and asthma. Many of these creatures thrive when moisture is present so be sure to keep moisture to a minimum.

Dust also collects on our air conditioners and heating units causing it to infiltrate homes even further. To be sure to keep the dust that is everywhere from really affecting you and your carpeting, consult with a professional carpet cleaning company to develop a cleaning and care strategy that works best for you!