Dust Without Scratching Delicate Surfaces

Dusting is necessary in order to keep your home clean and to reduce the amount of allergens within the home that can cause serious problems for allergy sufferers, like myself. According to the American Lung Association, dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed off the particles found in dust and these can trigger some serious allergy symptoms. However, when you dust, you need to take care not to scratch up the delicate surfaces within your home.

Some of the most delicate surfaces that need special care include electronics, glass, veneering, wooden shelves, floors and baseboards. Using the wrong tools to clean with or spreading dust around with a cloth can easily scratch up these surfaces making them appear old and worn out. To avoid this problem and to keep all of your delicate surfaces looking like new, there are 5 steps you can follow.

Step One:

Use the right tool for the job. When cleaning glass, use an ostrich feather duster and this will pick up the dust particles gently without spreading them around. When you need to actually clean the dust off the glass, use a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Step Two:

When dusting the electronics in your home, use a dry microfiber cloth. These will clean without creating static and or grinding the dust into the unit. If you use a spray of any kind, spray the cloth and then wipe. Never use hash chemicals like ammonia on these items or it can cause lots of damage.

Step Three:

Wipe wood surfaces such as shelves, window trim, baseboards and furniture with a clean soft cloth. The cloth can be damp but it should never be wet and dripping.

Step Four:

Warm water and cider vinegar can be used on wood floors. This cleans very well without scratching. However, it’s vital that you choose a good mop that doesn’t have sharp edges that can dig into the floor causing damage.

Step Five: Treat all surfaces gently and with care to avoid causing unnecessary damage that can ruin the look of your décor.

When you choose the right products and dust regularly, you can protect your investments and keep all of the surfaces in your home looking like new for many years. You put a lot of time and effort into choosing your furniture, electronics and the other décor in your home. It only makes sense that you take steps to protect it, even when dusting.