Duties of Rebar Detailer and Rebar Detailing Placement Drawings

In the rapidly growing of steel construction industry, it is essential for any building contractor or structural engineer to know basic function of rebar placing drawings, duties of a rebar detailers, method of producing placing drawings and responsibility of the steel fabricator.

The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Manual on the steel construction guidelines has clearly explained the difference between the two types of Rebar detail drawings – Placing drawings for concrete reinforcing steel & Shop drawings for structural members. Although many engineers/fabricators still think that structural steel shop drawings and reinforcing steel drawings are the identical in nature, purpose and scope, which is not true in many practical ways!

A rebar detailer is generally a subcontractor of the steel fabricator. The detailer explores design data shown on the design drawings and project specifications to detail or record all the reinforcing steel members required for a specific section of the structure. These particular rebar pieces are then registered or shown by plan on a detail placing drawings.

Typically for Rebars, the ACI (American Concrete Institute) Building Code requires the design drawings to show location and size of all structural components and reinforcement, location and type of welded splices, anchorage length and mechanical connections of reinforcement.

Usually, Design information will be specific with regard to the structural dimensions, quantity of reinforcing bars and bar sizes. This typical data is not specific enough to be able to cut to length, fabricate, ship and install reinforcing bars directly from the design drawings. Hence, the requirement that detail/placing drawings should be supplied. The detailer must have good mathematical and visual skills with additional knowledge of CAD design or drafting systems to furnish accurate drawings for cost-effective fabrication.