E3Live – Top 10 Health Benefits Of Blue Green Algae

E3Live – Top 10 Health Benefits of Blue Green Algae

Blue green algae is one of the most nutritional foods you can have.

It has been touted as a super food. It is organic, easily digested and full of antioxidants.

It is extremely rich in minerals and has a higher concentration of beta-carotene than broccoli.

Blue green algae also contain about 60 to 70% of vegetable protein, and provide all the essential amino acids. All these benefits without the risk of consuming meat, which is high in cholesterol and is difficult to digest.

A rich source of calcium, iron, vitamin B12, enzymes and antioxidants make the blue green algae an ideal food for both adults and children. Even pets can benefit greatly from this nutrient-packed food.

Being highly concentrated in so many nutrients, blue green algae offer numerous benefits to our well-being. We will take a look at the top ten health benefits of blue green algae:

1) Anti-Aging: Loaded with more essential nutrients and iron than most foods that we consume, blue green algae is perfect as an anti-aging food. Its high concentration of antioxidants means our bodies can combat more free radicals and toxics.

2) Relief from headaches aches and pain: our immune systems are strengthened.

3) Energy Booster – has rejuvenating effects

4) Better Digestion – it coats the stomach lining and is packed with enzymes that help to improve digestion.

5) Sleep better – it is detoxifying, resulting in better rest.

6) Lose weight – Less food cravings, a more balanced appetite.

7) Greater concentration and focus – increase in energy and clarity of mind

8) Strengthen the hair, skin and nails – high in protein which is the main building block for healthy hair, skin and nails

9) Less anxiety – it has beneficial effects on our brain development and can help us cope with stress better.

10) Improves memory – as it has effects on our brain development, regular consumption of blue green algae has also shown to have an impact on our memory.