Easy Backlink Building With RSS

Are you building contextual one way back links with your RSS Feed? If you are webmaster and you are already using RSS Feeds to help promote your website, you still may be missing out on one of the most powerful RSS Tips out there. Many people are glad to see the title to their post show up as a link on different sites that display and aggregate various RSS Feeds and this is a nice bonus of RSS and atom site feeds alike. However, there is another way you can be getting a lot more out of every new post you make to you site and get more link juice for absolutely free.

The information I am going to share with you here is usually hidden away in some $100.00 program or is something that you may find a application for sale that will do for you. Instead of trying to separate you and your money, I plan on showing you how easy it is to automatically build back links using your existing RSS Feed. This simple, yet effective RSS tip has changed the way many people think about link building and how they market each and every website they own.

If you decide to implement this powerful RSS trick on your own websites, you will be sure to see the benefit very fast if you are syndicating your feed to many sites. To maximize your efforts, you need to be getting your feed out to as many RSS feed aggregators as possible. The more places you get your RSS feed seen and distributed to, the more free back links your site or blog will receive.

Each site will most likely see different results depending on the infomration you are sharing on your site. If you are sharing about topics that are very popular and are getting many searches, you will see lot more results than if you are sharing about something that does not get a lot of play. Many times it is best to do your keyword research before you choose a topic or title for your content. By choosing good keywords in your title, you willl be sure to get a lot more exposure, the title tags are automatically passed on in your RSS feed as well!

5 Steps To Automate Link Building Using RSS

  1. Make sure your RSS feed is valid, by using an RSS feed validator.
  2. Choose keyword phrases that are valid to your website.
  3. Link directly to deep pages, this is more helpful as far as seo goes, than simply linking to your home page, but you can link it up as well.
  4. Place these links in the very first line of your blog posts.
  5. Syndicate your RSS feed far and wide!

O.K. It sounds pretty simple right?

Of course it does, it is simple. There is nothing magical about this RSS technique, besides the fact that most people do not do this. In effect what you are doing is assuring that your extra (free back link) is in a section of your post that will be guaranteed to be syndicated no matter what site or service picks up your feed.

There are some RSS websites and services that will syndicate your complete post and content, if you feed is setup to distribute the full post. However, most of the RSS distribution services will only show the first few lines or so many characters of your post. If you add the link of your choosing right off the bat, you will assure that it get posted on any site that is using or displaying your feed. Since many of the most popular RSS sites have a high page rank, Google will be sure to love these links.

If you need help finding out how to get your feed out to many RSS feed sites, you can always visit us at RSS 3.0 to get some free advice and RSS tips to do just that.