Easy Steps to Zebra Hide Rug Longevity

Zebra skin rugs cost a lot of money; that is why you need to ensure they last for as long as they were meant to. In this article you will discover exactly how to do that.

Vacuuming is a must

Try as much as possible to vacuum (with the rotator brush turned off) your rug at least once a week. Depending on the manner or where the rug is used, the number of times you do this will vary accordingly. For example, if it is used in a high traffic area with a lot of people walking over it, vacuuming may be exercised even twice a week.

Alternative to vacuuming

If you don’t want to use a vacuum machine for fear of spoiling the rug, you can also use a soft broom or brush, but always remember to move in the direction of the grain and never against. Doing so will only cause the rug to lose its hair before time and make it look unappealing.

Removing stains and spots

Whether you like it or not, there will always be that irritating stain or spot from pets, drink spills or food. Here is what you can do to remove them:

Pet urine stains be gone

The best thing you can do is to head over to a regular carpet cleaning supply store and buy pet urine remover. You might also want to consider using SPOT SHOT or any other organic cleaning product (organic in the scientific sense). Inorganic chemical products rarely remove the stains completely.

Drink spills and food stains

Drink or food stains are not as stubborn as urine in a way. What you will want to do is avoid eating or drinking anywhere near the rug altogether. If it so happens that there is a stain or spot, get a damp rag (dampened with a warm water and mild soap solution) and blot the spot.

Don’t rub it in as this would only make it worse. Instead, blot until the stain is gone with little gradual and gentle rubbing. After that, just let it air out and dry.

Normal Wear

Every so often, when you see fit, get water, mild soap and a sponge and spot clean your rug. Really take care not to get the hide wet in any way; doing that will only damage it beyond repair. If that happens, only professional restoration might bring it back to life. Even that is not guaranteed.

End note

All in all, please take really good care of your expensive rug. If you have any pets, keep them from defecating or urinating on your zebra hide rug. Always get rid of stains as soon as they appear. Following the above steps will help your pelt last a long time.