Easy Tips to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom is very important to our daily life. A clean bathroom which is well designed can essentially make or break the sale of the home. Basically, using tile in the bathroom can be very economical practice since it is very durable and easy to clean. However, the tiles which are left untouched for a length of time will accumulate the mineral and soap deposits as well as grout stains in which the mildew and the mold have grown. Cleaning your bathroom tiles can become a project which requires a good bit of elbow grease as well as some good cleaners. Just check out the following tips to clean bathroom tiles.

Considering the severity of dirt and mold, you can simply start with a spray on the bathroom cleaner with a kitchen scrub sponge. After that, you need to wet the tiles and spray on the cleaner, and you should work from the top to the bottom.

Moreover, you need to scrub the whole area that focusing on the surface of the tiles and not the grout yet. Then, you should scrub in the circular motions that putting a good bit of pressure on the tiles. You have to scrub in the straight lines, back and forth on the edges of the tiles. After that, you need to rinse with warm water.

Furthermore, if you find that the deposits are still clouding the surface of the tiles, you can try to determine the residual which is iron content in water, hard water, or soap residue. The high iron water can leave a brown stain. The hard water can leave a green stain while most of the soaps can leave a milky film.

You can simply start with a scrubbing of white vinegar. Your scrubbing task is over if the tiles result in being clean and shiny. You can also find bathroom cleaners that designed to remove rust or iron deposits. You can try to use them on the next cleaning project.