Easy To Do Stained Glass

The tools needed to create your own stained glass are tools such as glass grinders and saws, drawing tools, foiling tools, grinder accessories, hand tools, leading tools, glass cutters, soldering irons and solder.

Quality Stained Glass Tools are a Must

To keep frustrations to a minimum your glass cutters need to be extremely sharp at all times. When cutting curves it’s easy to do if you have a lot of patience and cut away little bits at the time. Trying to cut a large piece while going around a corner can be disastrous.

How the Stained Glass Tools are Used

Foiling tools are used for stained glass projects that have foil over the lead. It’s a tedious process and requires specialized tools to make it easy to do. Leading tools assist in making the lead fit as precisely and snugly along the glass as possible.

For a window you would want the most precise fit for the sake of weather proofing. Soldering irons and solder are used to connect the joints of the leading. The leading meets at certain angles. The solder fills in any gaps caused at the connection points and allows for a smooth appearance overall.

Stained Glass Tools Make it Simple

Now that you know what tools to use, you can see why creating your own stained glass can be easy to do. It’s easy once you know and when you have the stained glass tools that make it easy for you to perfect your craft.