Easy Ways of Leaning How to Play Piano by Ear

All in all, there is really nothing that could stop you from learning piano by ear but yourself. If you dare try it, you will find great rewards with the hours of pleasure you will get once you get the hang of things.

If you want to really master the craft of playing piano, find the ways by which you can develop the skill of being able to play piano by ear, without having to depend on music sheets just to be able to play some of your favorite music. Look for some of the available resources in the Internet that would help you find the best piano tutorials you can try. Here are just a few of the things you need to know about how you can play the piano by simply using your ears:

1. Allows Spontaneous Piano Playing
If you will develop a talent for playing piano by ear, you will certainly be guided by how you can play any genre of music you are asked to play by your friends or family anytime. You will not have to even ask for some music sheets just to play on the piano the songs they like. To develop such musical skill, the ultimate things you need to have include some determination, dedication and patience. By this alone, you will have known that learning to play piano by ear can really be a difficult task after all.

2. How To Start Playing Piano By Ear
Foremost of all, you will be required to practice your ears. Listen to a lot of songs on the radio then try to play the tune in the piano. It is alright to make mistakes and completely get the tune. Keep in mind that with anything, for as long as there is constant practice, you will surely get it in the end. What is more, practice good ear and hand coordination, because historically you should be able to put into the tunes you hear and translate them into the notes you should press in your piano or keyboard.

3. Enhance Your Memory
Research for memory-stimulating exercises you can perform in order to enhance your memory skills. In learning how to play piano by ear, you will need to have very good memory. That way, you can be sure to imprint in your head the tunes you have heard and so, you will be successful in putting them into notes that you will play spontaneously. Master the art of knowing when the notes are going up and when they are going down. In fact, this method called the tonal memory is the key to mastering how you can play piano simply by using your ears. You do not have to take piano lessons to know it.

4. Boost Your Ear-Brain-Hand Coordination
It is very important to do this because even if you have developed the skill of listening to a tune and vividly imprinting it in your head, but you have not gotten the hang of coordinating your brain and hands with your ears, then you will certainly not be able to successfully play some music by ear. Make sure you are able to incorporate some sense of depth in your playing. This can be done by pressing hard on the keys of the piano or keyboard. That way, you are able to emphasize the true meaning and beauty of the song.