Easy Ways on How to Install Vinyl Siding

Those who are considering how to install traditional vinyl siding may want to consider the following:

You are only covering up-Often times vinyl siding is installed over existing is siding which then continues to worsen. In addition, vinyl siding is not nailed to the home and moisture and insects tend to accumulate.

*It can be flammable-vinyl siding can warp and melt when it is exposed to a great amount of flame or heat

*It can fade-Many times colors fade from sun exposure

*Unnatural looking-sometimes vinyl siding mimics the look of wood grain and results in looking very unnatural giving the house a plastic look.

Some great alternatives in ways traditional ways of how to install vinyl siding are:

1. James Hardie-A study of homeowners who had vinyl siding installed resulted in 50% stating that if they were informed of James Hardie Fiber Cement siding prior to installation they would have chosen it. The following are a few of it benefits:

*It is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction

*Has ColorPlus Technology-This provides up to 30% improvement in fade resistance than the competitors.

*It resists warping, rotting, hail, cracking, and winds that reach 150 mph.

2. Alcoa Siding- This siding was first introduced by the Alcoa Home Exteriors Company. This siding withstands high winds, heat, changes in the weather and is maintenance free. This siding is made from a compound that has Styrofoam insulation.

After the bonding process in Alcoa Siding the entire home has solid insulation and can reduce external wind sounds and noise by up to 50%. It can even be placed over wood panel. It is made to withstand winds of up to 160 mph. With different types of Alcoa siding you can get a wood look without the high maintenance costs.

3. Cambridge Siding-This siding has four classic descriptions in low gloss finishes with a traditional wood grain feel. Cambridge is a choice of a lasting exterior finish, very little maintenance and timeless beauty. It features:

*A low glosss;just painted look

*Wood grain feel

*Formula that holds up against extreme weather conditions

*.042, strong thickness

*Compliments a variety of architectural styling

*It is available in 12 colors

4. Georgia Pacific Siding-This is one of the top names in vinyl siding. They have a wide range of options to choose from which include: Faux stone vinyl, vinyl log, and vinyl cedar shingles. They come in a variety of thicknesses and colors and they are so easy to install you do not even need a contractor, you can learn how to install vinyl siding on your own.

5. Owens Corning-They do a whole lot more than offer product their Exterior Design System addresses every stage of the design process which makes it easy to choose the best look for you home. They address the roofing, windows, ventilation, gutters, and trim areas