EBARA Submersible Sewage Sump Pump Review

What is a sewage pump?

They are not to be confused with sump pumps. Sewage pumps are a specific type of pumping system or pump which is used to pump sewage from places such as bathrooms, laundry rooms that are located in your basement or anywhere below your main sewer/septic lines

There are so many sewage sump pumps on the market today that it can be hard to make the right decision. In this review I will be discussing: EBARA 50DWXAU6.75S2 DOMINATOR Automatic Submersible Sewage Pump.

This is one of the top selling submersible sewage sump pumps from the range of EBARA pumps because of its high quality design and performance that deliver great results every time

When you are considering the purchase of a submersible sewage sump pump there are certain factors you need to consider before you make this investment.

This pump is made from the highest quality stainless steel providing you with superior dependability and efficiency. The stainless steel body is formed using the latest technology. The added bonus is that it weighs less than the conventional cast iron constructed pumps making it suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. The material meets the requirements of a pump that is corrosion and erosion resistant.

Having an automatic flow switch helps take the guess work out of when to operate your sewage sump pump because it switches on and off in response to the rise and fall of the water level. This function will ultimately save your property from water damage.

Vortex impellers are used in the technology of this submersible sewage pump. Vortex impellers are designed to handle waste that would normally clog other pumps. This model can handle suspended solids in water of up to 2″ in diameter.

The motor on this pump is very durable and can operate for long periods of time without running the risk of burnout. Consider this, although a good submersible sewage pump can be pricey the investment is well worth it. You will have peace of mind that you have a reliable pump that will meet your job requirements. Your property will be safe from flooding and you will ultimately save a lot of money by avoiding the massive expense associated with water damage.

One of the main advantages of this pump is it’s capacity to move water. Let’s have a look at how much water it can move in an hour. It has 1/2 Horse Power and moves 185 Gallons Per Hour. It’s lifting power is 65 feet which is a considerable amount. This submersible sump pump has the ability to move water quickly.

If you are after a high quality sump pump that is reliable and can handle a large range of jobs then the EBARA 50DWXAU6.75S2 DOMINATOR Automatic Submersible Sewage Pump will easily tick all those boxes.