Echo GT-225 16" Gas Curved Shaft Trimmer Review

My Echo GT-225 16″ gas curved shaft trimmer came from Home Depot for $159 plus tax. It was fully assembled and included safety glasses and a small bottle of 2 cycle oil. Echo gives a five year consumer warranty. For commercial use the warranty is reduced to two years.

This trimmer is cleverly designed so that one person can not fill the gas tank without spilling the fuel. It is possible to fill with no spill, if a second person holds the trimmer at just the right angle. So far that is the only feature that I really don’t like. As with all two cycle engines you have to mix oil with the gas.

The 21.2 cc engine starts easily, runs smoothly, and has sufficient power. The noise is noticeably less than my previous Robi model. The cutting length (16″) is an indication of power. Previously I got a 10″ electric trimmer and it did not have enough power or endurance. For a medium to large yard I would not get anything less than 16″. The vibration level is low. I would have liked the shaft to be a little longer but that is not a major problem.

The Echo GT-225 trims and edges well. The weight is on the low side at 10.1 pounds. A shoulder strap is not included, and probably is not needed because of the light weight. Several pieces of.80 strings are included. It is very easy to insert 2 pieces of line into the head without using any tools. My medium sized lawn requires about 4 line strips per cut. I tried some heavier off brand line, and that worked well for me. However, it is possible that heavier line could put additional stress on the engine. If you want a head with a spool of line, you should be able to find an aftermarket head that will fit.

All trimmers are dangerous so it is important to read and follow the safety precautions. You do not want to spill fuel on a hot engine. Safety glasses are essential and the ones Echo includes work well. Ear protection is suggested.

My last gas trimmer cost $99 and the Echo GT-225 is a definite upgrade. The engine is the heart of a trimmer and this model does have a good one. For household use I think this is a good choice. For very large yards or commercial use you may want at look at something more powerful with an auto line feeder.