Eco Friendly Tips For A Green Halloween

Kids and adults love Halloween, there is just something fun about the spooky decorations, costumes and candy. But the downside is a lot of waste, luckily it is possible to have a green Halloween with just a few eco friendly tips and some forward planning on your behalf.

1 Choose Your Halloween Candy Wisely

The first place to start is with the Halloween candy, here you need to be thinking about the safety of your children as well as the environment. Try and go for organic treats and candies that aren’t stuffed full of artificial ingredients. A trip to your local health food store should present you with a wide number of options. Of course you could also start a new Halloween tradition and bake the treats yourself. The kids will have great fun helping you to bake and decorate Halloween cakes and cookies. Just make sure you have enough to go around when word gets out to those trick or treaters!

2 Be Creative With Your Decorations

Eco friendly decorations are so much more fun than store bought ones. Leave the plastic decorations on the shelf and opt instead for the more natural look. You can decorate your home with pumpkins, apples, leaves and candles. A little imagination is all you need to give your home the Halloween wow factor! If you are hosting a party then stick to reusable plates and cutlery instead of throw away items so that you can do what is best for the environment. If you are worried about using your best crockery pick up some cheap plates from the local dollar store, you can use them for other occasions such as Christmas so they’ll work out cheaper than disposable items in the end.

3 Recycle Your Halloween Costumes

No one wants to wear the same old Halloween costume year after year, but buying new costumes isn’t very eco friendly. Instead of buying new why not see if you can swap costumes with friends and family. Or take your old costumes and turn them into something new. You can re-use parts of old costumes and pick up new items from charity and thrift stores to create a wonderful unique Halloween costume that your friends will envy.

4 Reusable Halloween Loot Bags

If you’re heading out trick or treating then you will need a loot bag to carry all of the treats and candies you’ll collect. Avoid the plastic bags that most stores have to offer and instead opt for a canvas bag that you can use for years to come. You can have some great family fun if you buy some plain canvas bags and use your craft supplies to decorate them in a spooky fashion.

5 After The Halloween Fun Is Over

To make sure your Halloween is really eco friendly you need to keep thinking green even after the Holiday has finished. Don’t just throw everything away, you can use that pumpkin for compost and pack away the decorations that will keep for next year. Make sure you clean your Halloween costume and put that away safely for next year too. If you think you won’t wear it again then offer it to a friend or donate it to charity.