Ecostyle – Summer Feeling in Your House

In this age of high technology and smart devices sometimes you want to smell a real tree, to feel the rough surface of wattled mat under the feet, enjoy the soft touch of linen or cotton cloth. Ecoslyle (or Naturel in French) let you to combine noble simplicity with modern achievements of civilization in your house.

Today Ecostyle is the one of the most popular directions in the world design, which manifests itself as not only the pursuit of fashion, but also health care and domestic comfort of man.

And if you are tired of the cold metal, glass and plastic, which dominate in modern office buildings then try to create warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with the help of ecological style. It is not necessary to draw the whole apartment in this style but you can stay on the kitchen or bedroom, for example. For those who feel difficulty deciding global changes in their homes we recommend starting with small things and details of the interior.

Handmade Accessories

One of the important nuances of Eco style are the things made by hand. Nowadays the direction of Handmade is successfully embodied in the work of designers all around the world. Things labeled “Handmade” traditionally valued more highly.

Homemade candles that you can make using fruit or a nut shell would look original and very nice. For those who prefer easy and quick way we suggest to take some citrus fruits then cut them in half and paste each half fruit on a thin candle. This table decoration will create special color and feeling of warmth.

If you want your “fruit candlestick” to be more durable, remove all fruit pulp from the halves, insert the wick and fill the deepening with a wax, warmed in a water bath. Once the wax hardens you will get a pretty candle of your own making!

Dishes and utensils

Choosing the dishes we also follow the golden rule of environmental style – soft monotonous tone, and noble simplicity. Show preference to rounded shapes ware without sharp corners and cuts. (By the way, psychologists believe that the rounded objects help relax and calm down perfectly.)

It is good to choose dishes without complicated flowery patterns. The ideal would be ornaments in ethnic style placed on the edge of a glass or dish. To create necessary eco-environment we recommend to refuse of fragile crystal objects in favor of ceramics tableware which will give you sense of reliability and durability.

Buy a kitchen and various trowels made of wood – they are not only very economical price, but will look very attractive in your favorite kitchen style Naturel.

And when guests come put on the table cloth from cotton, not paper.