Educational Classroom Games – Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of fortune

A useful tool to have for playing educational games in the classroom is a Sticky Ball. A Sticky Ball is a small plastic ball that is covered with miniature suction cups. These balls are ideal for playing target games on your classroom boards.

Wheel of Fortune is just one of the many fun games a teacher can play with their students to review concepts taught in class.

1) Divide the class into two teams.

2) Draw a giant wheel on the board and divide it up into 6-8 pie slices.

3) Make half the pie slices worth points (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4)

4) The other sections are what add fun to the game. How you label them is up to you. However, here are some of the fan favourites.

– Bankrupt (Team loses all their points)

– Switch (Teams switch point totals)

– Cha-cha (Team must do the Cha-cha dance)

– Bow (Team must bow to their opponents)

– Kiss the Pig (Team must blow a kiss to a pig drawn on the board)

5) Begin play by choosing a player from each team and asking them a question from the lesson.

6) Once students have answered their question they go to the toss line and toss the Sticky Ball toward the target.

7) The game continues as long as you want and the team with the most point at the end of the last round is victorious.

If you want to make the game more competitive and move along more quickly only ask one question to the pair of students and allow the student who answers first to toss from a closer toss line.