Effective Head Lice Home Remedies Right From Your Fridge

In the many years long before commercial products and treatments for lice were even heard of, head lice home remedies were the answer to eradicating countless households of these pesky critters. While lice are actually very easy to prevent, they can be rather difficult to treat and get rid of once and for all, especially in homes with young children. ere are some inexpensive yet effective home remedies to try for yourself and you will probably find the needed ingredients right in your refrigerator or kitchen pantry:

Almonds and Lime Juice

Grind about 15 to 20 almonds while mixing with a few tablespoons of lime juice to create a paste and apply the mixture to the scalp and hair. Leave in place for about a half hour before shampooing it away and conditioning the hair.

Beer Mixture

Combine beer, basil leaves and about 10 cloves and grind together into a paste. Apply the thick mixture to the hair and scalp and leave in place for about a half hour before shampooing completely.

Lime Juice and Garlic

Mix equal parts lime juice with garlic until a paste forms and apply to the scalp. Leave the mixture on the head for an hour before shampooing and conditioning the hair.


Saturate every strand of hair as well as the scalp with mayonnaise, making sure to apply to the roots of the hair. Leave in place for about an hour before shampooing thoroughly. The mayonnaise works by literally suffocating the lice and although it is definitely one of the messiest head lice home remedies, many people swear by its effectiveness. If you are having a difficult time removing the mayonnaise completely, try sprinkling either baby powder or ordinary baking flour onto the scalp to absorb some of it before shampooing.


Mix equal parts vinegar with baby oil and apply to the scalp and hair until both are fully saturated. Leave the pungent mixture in place for at least once hour while covering the head completely with a shower cap. After an hour, shampoo as normal, although it may take a few times to totally remove the baby oil from the hair.

Always be sure to check everyone thoroughly before assuming that any remedy has done the trick as lice can be difficult to totally remove from a household unless you are diligent. Use a special head lice comb designed to make it easier to find both nits and the adult lice. Also be sure to wash all bedding, including sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and blankets in very hot water to kill any lice eggs that are lurking and waiting to hatch.

In addition to these simple head lice home remedies that you can find in your kitchen, remember to teach your children to practice smart hygiene, which means not sharing any of their personal items like brushes or hats or scarves, and also educating them about these harmless but bothersome bugs.