Effective Self-Defense – Kubotans

When it comes to self-defense products, no self-defense items come close to being simple, practical, and effective as Kubotans, or Kubatons as some people mispronounce them. They are simple because they are cylindrically shaped and made of solid plastic or metal. They are practical since they are small enough to conceal and carry. And they are effective for the reason that they are impact weapons designed to either control or inflict pain on your opponent. But, how do you pick the best one since they are several variations in design, color, and material?

Pick one that is meant to be carried most of the time, such as a keychain Kubotan which has an attached key ring at one end. That way, you cannot leave home without it. Also, choose a Kubotan that has a pointed end. Pressure equals force divided by area in physics, P=F/A. Therefore when you apply force, you exert more pressure with a pointed tip than a Kubotan with a flat end since you are striking a smaller area.

Keychain Kubotans are available in black, red, blue, and silver. The best color for such a weapon is black since it is less visible and stealthier to carry. The most appropriate method for wielding the Kubotan against an attacker is when the perpetrator is caught totally by surprise.

You maximize the impact of your strikes with a Kubotan when it is composed of metal instead of plastic. Metal has more weight and density and less prone to warping and breakage compared to plastic. Additionally, gripping a metal Kubotan feels more solid and authoritative, giving you a sense of confidence.

The black pointed keychain Kubotan measures 5.5 inches in length and 0.4 inch in diameter. It is durable, maintenance free, legal to carry in public, and compact enough to conceal. I own several of them, each with its own set of keys, and always have been carrying one for years on and off duty.