Effective Treatments To Control Bleeding Quickly

Everyone has had a cut, a nosebleed, or a tooth pulled. Whatever the reason, any time a blood vessel is torn, blood leaks into the tissue. Usually, this bleeding stops within minutes. Certain substances (factors) in your blood, together with special blood cells (platelets), react quickly to make your blood clot. If you have a problem with your platelets, your blood will not clot properly, and you will continue to bleed even after minor injuries. Bleeding may occur anywhere in your body with possible acute blood loss. Abnormal clotting, or the lack of clotting, may be caused by malnutrition, infections, drug reactions, anemia, leukemia, or inherited disorders like hemophilia.

If your blood vessels are weakened or damaged for any reason, you may bruise easily. The bruises that some women notice on their thighs or hips called “devils pinches” are usually not serious, but should always be evaluated by a doctor. Elderly people with fragile skin may also bruise easily, especially on the backs of their hands and on their forearms. That is usually not a cause for concern.

Probable Treatments of Bleeding

If you are bleeding heavily (hemorrhaging), the first step is obviously to stop the blood loss and determine the cause.

  1. If possible, apply direct pressure to the bleeding site.
  2. If the bleeding is from an arm or leg injury, you may use a tourniquet, but loosen it every few minutes.
  3. If your gums are bleeding, try packing with cotton gauze temporarily.
  4. For nosebleeds, lean forward and pinch your nostrils. Never bend your head back; avoid swallowing the blood.
  5. If your bleeding is caused by a clotting abnormality, you may need tests to determine the exact problem.

Severe internal bleeding may require emergency surgery to prevent significant blood loss or damage to an organ. Know your blood type and carry adequate identification with you at all times in case you require an emergency blood transfusion.

There are many other types of bleeding that needs to be sorted out on time. Otherwise, results could be worst. Such as implantation bleeding, Rectal bleeding, bleeding after sex.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding can deem as an intimation of pregnancy. This particular bleeding shows one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that occurs for almost 1 out of 3 women who conceive. You can have a better idea for implantation bleeding if you see pink or brown spots.

Bleeding Emergency – Call Your Physician When

  • You are bruising with no apparent reason.
  • You notice bleeding that does not stop after a few minutes – call immediately.
  • You have blood in your urine, stool, vomitus, or sputum – call immediately.
  • If you have excessive bleeding.