Effective Ways In Installing Kitchen Countertops

First and foremost, you have to prepare every material presented below:

Putty knife
Power drill
Combination square
Safety glasses
New Countertop (with already cut opening for sink)
Caulking gun and caulk
Amber or other sticky substance
Masking Tape

After you are done with the preparation of those things you proceed to the main course and that is how to put up kitchen countertops. The following are the steps you can follow:
Step One: Measure the distance of the new countertop from the tips of the countertops to the tips of the sink trim.

Step Two: Cut off the drain line under your sink. In case the faucet is affixed to the sink or counter, contrary to being wall – affixed, then you should turn off the water supply linings and cut off the water supply too.

Step Three: Get the putty knife and cut the fasten connection around the frames of the older countertops where it adjoins the wall and around the sink. Cut any sticky material, paint seal or caulk under the countertop. When the countertop can be taken off without removing the sink, then you can do it. In another way, cut off the sink clips located under the counter, bring up the sink and leave it behind somewhere safe.

Step Four: Ask for help from your friend to pull up the old countertop. If there are any debris, you can tear it off and clean the whole area and if needed pull the wall covering behind.

Step Five: Put a thick drop of caulk on the edges of the cabinets to put on the new countertops in place. Place the new countertops into the right setting and firmly press for a powerful seal. Affix again the screws which held the old counter to the cabinets to provide the new counter further durability.

Step Six: In case you did not get your sink opening cut in advance, shift the measurements you made a while ago to the new counter.

Step Seven: Make use of the marks to draw a line to the sink's retaining ring. After you make sure that the ring is in the right place, wrap it to the counter surface and drop around the interior of the ring.

Step Eight: Dig a hole with the use of the drill with the use of a jigsaw blade a little inch inside the lined place with the use of a spade bit. In order to prevent scratching the surface, with masking tape, cover the feet of the blade and wrap the masking tape around the area being cut out so that to avoid breaking the countertops into pieces.

Step Nine: Now, try to fit the sink in the hole. If the sink suits, put a bead of caulk around the opening and install the sink into its position. Affix again the drain and faucet hardware (if only needed), cut off the extra caulk as well as attach again the clips grasping the sink to the counter.