Egypt’s First Ever Salt Cave – Taba Heights

Egypts first ever Salt Cave is due to open later this month in the Red Sea resort of Taba Heights.

The Salt Cave will be located in the uptown area of Taba Heights.

The cave will be made entirely of salt from the Dead Sea which has a high concentration of minerals and the Siwa Oasis which aids health and beauty. The air inside the cave will be beneficial to health as it is charged with calcium, iron, magnesium, bromine, iodine, potassium and selium. The lighting in the cave will promote positive feelings, along with the colour therapy that will create calm and soften the mood. The floor of the cave will be covered in a thick layer of salt crystals while the ceiling will have salt stalactites, so creating a unique microclimate.

A 45 minute stay in the cave will have a beneficial influence on mood and wellbeing, and will also revitalise strength and good health. A session in the cave can also aid the treatment of nervous system disorders, digestive tract problems, heart disease, repiratory problems, dermatological diseases, metabolic problems and underproduction of hyperthyroidism.

Why not treat yourself to a visit to the new Salt Cave when on your next holidays to Taba Heights, you know you deserve it!

From its unique position in the mountain ranges of the Sinai Peninsula, Taba Heights overlooks four countries, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. With 5kms of beautiful, natural beaches, some of the worlds best dive sites, first class hotels and an 18 hole championship golf course, Taba Heights won’t disappoint you.