Eight Unique Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

Do you have co-workers that you feel you need to surprise with a gift that is not only different but also unique? Well, you certainly should consider gifts from Russia. Because of the high number of people found in this country, there is a diverse yet very rich culture. In expressing themselves, there are unique and authentic pieces of art that have been created over time. These would no doubt make great gifts for co-workers. This is because they break away from the common and monotonous gifts that people give each other.

In this article we explore 8 different gifts ideas from which you can easily choose.

Nesting dolls – Also known as “babushka” or “Matryoshka”, these dolls present one of the unique gifts. They are designed such that they vary in size. They come in pieces and are designed to fit into one another with the largest doll acting as the holding container for the rest. This collection is extensive with different themes, which vary from traditional cultural expressions, animals, celebrities, world-famous personalities among others. For art lovers there is a plain set of nesting dolls that can then be painted with the desired design.

Christmas décor – Is it the end of the year and you are wondering what gift to give for Christmas? Well you certainly won’t go wrong with the Christmas décor from Russia. These décor is handmade meaning that they come in limited quantities hence very unique.

Lacquer Boxes – This is another gift idea for a co-worker. The Lacquer boxes are perfect for storage of small items and have been carefully designed to have a flawless yet glam finish both internally and externally. This makes it a unique and rich work of art in itself.

Baltic amber jewelry – Famed for its beauty and high quality, this is a perfect gift for the co-worker who values style. It is available in different shades and colour and is fitted to sterling silver that has been handcrafted to give you unique yet desirable jewelry.

Orthodox icons – For the religious co-worker, you can never go wrong with this. Set into the wooden frames that have been uniquely made, these icons feature Godmother Mary and Jesus Christ. Some of them also feature Russian Nativity Scenes.

Handmade Silver Jewelry – This is another great gift idea for the jewelry lovers. The sterling silver is 100% genuine and has been uniquely handcrafted to ensure that they are unique. You will actually not find any two pieces that are similar.

Russian Refrigerator Magnets – These magnets are made of wood and hand painted to give you a unique collection. They range from the traditional to contemporary designs. They have various themes to give you a wide variety to choose from, and are also small in size hence can easily be brought along as a gift to a co-worker from a trip.

Cute Friends Russian “Gzhel” Glazed Ceramic Sculpture – We all have a co-worker who is not only a work-mate but also a friend. This gift that recreates a play moment between two mice friends is the gift that befits such a friend. It is ceramic and has been hand painted in white and blue traditional colours, giving you a very unique and beautiful piece.

These are just some of the ideas that will give you a starting point. You can however be sure that you will get many more great ideas as you shop.