Electric Cars Crash the Grid

Is a wave of electric cars going to suddenly crash the grid and cause blackouts?

First of all, the "wave" of new EVs is likely to be more of a ripple, maybe a big ripple.

Secondly, there is no one "grid". There are a number of smaller independent grids, but there is no one comprehensive power grid. So, not to worry, an electric car drawing lots of current from a garage in Toledo will not affect your computer in Boise or Sacramento.

You might have read one of the many recent articles about electric cars overloading and crashing the grid. While this may be true in certain cases, it is interesting that there is no mention of new housing crashing the grid.

The economic downturn is largely linked to a slowdown in new home construction. In fact, there is an almost daily outcry about the slowdown in new housing starts. In fact, housing starts are off by 2/3 or so of housing boom times a few years ago.

However, there was no stream of articles during the housing boom about new houses causing power shortages. In fact, the more houses the better seemed to be the mantra then and now.

New electric cars do not use any more power than a new house. Since there are so many less houses, why can electric cars not just take up the power that all the new houses would have anyway?

There is not too much discussion on this point, probably since the housing market dwarfs the electric vehicle market.

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