Electric Cooker Vs Gas Cooker

Once upon a time, many years ago I remember visiting my grandparents in their ranch in the middle of the desert. I loved those visits because I love the freedom and mystic of that place. There were many things that seemed a complete mystery to me. My grandfather had been a journalist, a school teacher and a famous politician before moving to that ranch in the middle of nowhere. He had a rifle, which he never showed to me, but my father used to say it was a “carabina”.

One of the objects in that place that always called my attention was an old cooker. All iron-made, heavy and smoky looking. It was a wood powered cooker with a proper chimney and all. My father told me they used to cook on it all the time. Now they kept it as a cool gadget in the house. It had books all over it and it look fantastic. My grandparents now have a gas cooker but before then, they had an electric cooker. I asked why was that. I was told that gas was once difficult to get to the ranch so they had to use an electric cooker, powered by a petrol power station that they used to pump water as well. The problem with the electric cooker, I was told, was that it sucked all the electricity.

It is incredible to realize how things have advanced technologically since then. Now, one does not think about all that when turns the cooker on to make a pair of fried eggs in the morning for breakfast. It is so easy now. However, now at days, choosing between an electric cooker and a gas cooker can be a very common scenario in many cases. For example, in rural areas, where gas is not available, electric cookers are the only option. Even in modern cities, in some buildings gas installations are not allowed for safety reasons or because a whole installation would be too expensive. In other cases, the practicality of electric cooker represents an advantage over gas cookers, for example for cleaning purposes.

There are also differences in the functionality between an electric and a gas cooker. For example, the time in which the hub gets the desired temperature varies. In a gas cooker, it is very short while in an electric cooker takes longer. The same process applies for cooling times after cooking.