Electric Griddle Or Stovetop Griddle?

Why would you need a griddle? There are lots of great uses for a griddle, mainly for cooking. Actually, I hope that's all you use it for, but what I mean is, you can cook lots of different things on a griddle. What can you cook with a griddle? I love to use my griddle to cook pancakes, but you could also use it to cook burgers, breaded chicken for chicken parmesean, vegetables, quesadillas, and all sorts of other great food.

When it comes to home cooking, there are basically two kinds of griddles. You could use a griddle that you put on your stove-top, or you could use an electric griddle that you plug in and put on the counter.

Which of these two types of griddles is better? There really is not one that is better than the other. It all depends on your specific circumstances and what you prefer. One person may love the electric griddle while another person just can not get any use out of it. The stove-top griddle is ideal for someone who lives alone or with one other person. It can be used right on top of the griddle which makes it very convenient. It will also save you counter space if you have a small kitchen.

If you want to take up even less space but still have the cooking quality and performance of a griddle, you could choose a round griddle pan for the stove. It is round like a skillet but has no lip so you can use it like a griddle. This is especially great for someone who lives alone.

An electric griddle is great for big families. If you have more counter space but need the stove to cook other stuff, an electric griddle utilizes the counter space freeing up more burners. You can plug it in away from the stove.

There is no right or wrong griddle to use. If you still are not sure, go to your kitchen and look around. Where do you have extra space and where can you not give up space? Choose your favorite and start cooking!