Electric Heated Towel Rails

Electric heated towel rails are one of the lavish appliances in an elegant bathroom. They have gained much popularity among people who relax in their well-equipped bathrooms to unwind after a long tiring day. The conventional purpose of bathrooms has definitely changed over the years. You can add style to your bathroom by installing it.

The major benefit of these rails is that you can have a warm towel throughout the year. These electric heated rails not only serve the purpose of keeping the towels warm, but they also keep the bathroom dry to a certain extent. The best ones are dual-heated towel rails that can operate through central heating or electricity. They are available in different finishes, sizes and styles. Spoil yourself with the luxury of a warm towel after every bath or shower no matter what time of the year.

They are purposely built to generate heat through central heating or electricity as the power source. These rails work like a radiator when the central heating is on during the mild season. If you wish to run the rail through electricity, plug-in the electric element into towel rails. This works best during the summer season when you are not using central heating. Comparatively, these electric rails turn hotter when they use electricity as the power source rather than natural gas.

These rails are available in chrome, white and gold finishes, though personalized towel rails are also available in different varieties. These are manufactured using soft steel, chrome or brass, but some manufacturers also use nickel and copper. The stainless steel rail is known as the best among all of its kinds.

They come in multiple sizes. There are a number of factors to consider the size of a towel rail in the bathroom, for example, size of the bathroom, quality of the insulation, number of towels in use and the number of people in the house. The smallest size available is approximately 12 inches wide and 32 inches tall, whereas the largest size available can be over 71 inches high and wide.

The electric heated towel rails come in various styles. You will find different varieties in the market such as floor-mounted models and wall-mounted models that look like ladders. A few are available with wide, small and circular bars. The rails can be curved or straight in shape. Further variety of heated rails manufactured would be an under-floor heating or electric fan heaters. Towel warmer will also help to prevent mildew in high humidity and damp environments