Electric Motor Repair Can Mean Small Or Big Repairs

In the world today there are many different electric motors. We all see equipment that is powered by motors, whether you realize it or not. It might be a pool pump that powers water through a swimming pool, to a lathe in a woodshop that is used to make bowls or pencils. These motors typically average in size to about 5 HP. Then there are the larger electric motors that are used like vehicle motors, airplane motors. And you’ll hear of electric motors commonly used in business today that are commercial and industrial electric motors like those you might find in factories or warehouses and are used to power large machines. Electric motors are a big part of how businesses and factories are powered, but like everything today, there will be times when something goes wrong and you will need to have parts repaired or replaced on the motor.

Electric motor repairs usually need to be done by qualified repairmen or companies that specialize in electric motor repair. If you have an electric motor that is especially large and heavy, you will need to verify with the repair shop that they have the necessary equipment, like cranes, to be able to move your motor.

When your pool pump motor runs dry and burns up you know you can call your pool technician and he will repair the problem for you or if you need an electric motor repaired on any of your woodworking machines, you generally call in a repairman who works on small machines. When larger more powerful motors develop problems and need parts and repair work it often entails a larger scaled motor repair division found in companies that special in industrial and commercial machine motors.

These companies tend to have repairmen and technicians who are skilled in working on both A/C motors and D/C motors as well as motors that have a higher horse power. They will also have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to repair your motor back to a pristine state. Many of the large scale electric motor repair shops will have the ability to put a high build epoxy varnish treatment on repaired items as well as to do a Core Loss test, and equipment that can do vibrations testing on the electric motors and parts repaired.

At times your motor will have become so damaged, often because of too much heat that damages the insulation or because the winding has been cut, that it will need to be rewound. Almost all electric motor repair shops have the equipment required to test for this and can offer you motor rewinding services. Most shops should be experienced enough to be able to rewind all types and sizes of motors, such as for both A/C and D/C motors. With any electric motor repair work done, make sure to check is the shop is a certified warranty repair facility for your type engine manufacturer. If your machine is still under warranty, it is going to be very important that you use a shop that can do certified repair work on your engine.