Electric Radiator Features You Can’t Live Without

The use of electric radiators continues to rise, as the cost-efficiency of the units themselves cannot be denied. With so many homeowners looking to cut back expenses during the economic downturn, manufacturers have begun advancing the technology, creating very efficient and affordable models that can warm specific rooms instead of an entire home. Why pay to heat the bedroom when you will not be in there for another three hours, right? With this in mind, we take a look at the various features that have become standard on electric heaters and how they can help you get the most from your new purchase.

Thermostat and Timing Controls

There is no doubt that coming home to a warm house is one of the best feelings when mired in the winter months. But, heating the home all day while everyone is at work can be very costly in the long run. By installing an electric radiator that has a thermostat and timer, you can ensure that your heating unit comes on right before you come home from the office, leaving your house toasty without all of the excess power. In essence, you are heating your home only when you are in it. Additionally, this prevents the unit from overheating when left on for long periods of time, as the thermostat will power it down when necessary. Many storage heaters do not have this feature, which is why they can be incredible fire risks.

Wall-Mounting Capabilities

Another key feature when shopping for an electric radiator involves installation. While smaller, mobile models can be convenient, using those that have wall mounts can save you plenty of space and prevent the “tipping” factor. When some radiators are in use, they will get very hot externally, creating a fire danger should they topple over. Wall mounted models eliminate this concern completely, and create a much safer heating method. Further, no floor space is required, thus reducing clutter.

Standard Electricity Draw

Many electric radiators you’ll find run on power drawn directly from a standard 120V home power outlet. This is important, as it will save you the time from re-wiring anything in the home, and allow you to install units very quickly. The cost of power taken to provide heat via an electric central heating system can be astronomical, and when you are looking to save in the monthly budget department, less power means less expense.

Electric heaters are in demand, especially as the winter begins to set in many areas. Heating rooms that are in use can help to reduce energy costs by as much as 50%, guaranteeing that home owners are only paying for the heat that is necessary. Suppliers are rising up to meet this demand by providing feature-laden models that offer a safe alternative to storage heaters. When you factor in the overall maintenance of an electric radiator versus that of an entire system, the costs are not even close.

Online shoppers can find great deals on several different models, and because the wall-mounted designs are incredibly easy to install, little to no expertise is needed. This has changed the way many are looking at the home heating scenario when in the dead of winter, and energy-efficient models can usually pay themselves off before the end of the season. If the financial drag of your electric central heating setup is getting impossible to bear, research the various models that exist in the radiator industry, and find a company that can suit your budget. When installation is completed, you will have a heated house without the constant worry regarding the thermostat temperature or dreaded power bill.