Electric Solar Panels

When starting with installing solar panels in your home, you might get a bit unnerved by the depth of the hole being drilled in your pocket. So you might consider switching to a more economic option of generating green power for your home. Did you ever consider electric solar panels?

Well in case you don’t desire to fit your whole home with store bought solar panels and still desire to use cleaner energy, using electric solar panels is a good option. They are only a fraction as expensive as their other counterparts and very easy to build as well.

For starters get an off-day. Go down to your work garage, store room or even your basement would do. Assemble as many household tools as you can — cordless drills, wrenches, soldering iron etc. convince a good helper into assisting you — friends, spouses and even children come handy. You also need a guide that illustrates the method of construction from A to Z. Wondering why home-made remedies? To keep the costs down!

Making electric solar panels require small wires of individual cells to be joined together. This is done by soldering. All you do is to hold the soldering iron, over the wire that is to be joined, and wait till it heats up enough. As soon as it does, touch the wires to be joined with the solder ever so slightly; this joins them instantly.

It is a fun process and the best part is it involves your whole family.