Electric Storage Heaters: Heating Appliances for Modern Homes

Gone are the days when electric storage heaters were considered the only equipments to keep your home warm. Today a wide range of central heating system is available in the market and you will be delighted to know that the latest heating equipments are more efficient than your storage heaters. The new radiators are convenient to install and easy to operate. The good thing about these radiators is that they consume less energy in comparison to the storage heaters that can make your electric meter run fast. The new radiators are good looking and due to this feature they can add elegance to your well decorated home.

There is a misconception among home owners that since the electric storage heaters builds up store heat over a long period of time; they can keep the home warmer for longer time. This is wrong and those who are still using these equipment in their homes are only paying heavy electricity bills. Built with latest technique, the electric radiators stop consuming electricity once the room temperature is reached. The new technology enables the radiators to maintain the room temperature for up to 40 minutes after which the radiators start consuming electricity. Don’t you find it the most cost effective way to heat your home?

Keeping warm is a necessity that you can fulfill with your electric storage heaters but enjoying warmth at no extra cost is a luxury that you can get only with new radiators. The cost of electricity has gone up considerably in recent years and the rising cost has forced people to use electric appliances that consume less energy. If you are heating your home with this equipment then it’s time to switch to new electric radiator and save your hard earned money. The radiators are in no way inferior to this sort of heating alternative. On the contrary, you will find the radiators more efficient and power saving than these equipment.

Electric storage heaters are no more a viable option because of rising electricity cost and the fashion needs of modern homes. Home owners today like to use appliances and equipments that durable, user-friendly and economical. These equipment don’t have any of these qualities hence they are not suitable for modern homes. However, an electric radiator simply needs to taken out from its packing and plugged in. With electric radiators, there are no worries as you can put them at a suitable place in your room and operate them with remote control.