Electric Stoves and Fireplaces

There is nothing quite like a fireplace to add a warm feeling to a room. If your house does not currently have a fireplace, an electric fireplace or stove may be the answer for your needs. The old days of the plastic-looking fireplace are long gone with the newer models available to the homeowner or apartment dweller. There are five reasons that electric fireplaces and stoves are increasing in popularity:

Easy Ambiance

Installing a traditional fireplace or stove requires a chimney and fireproof surrounds. For city apartment DWellers, or if the room that you want to add the feature in can not easily accept a chimney, an electric fireplace may be the answer. The hardest part of the project for electric fireplaces and stoves is choosing the model or design. Do you want a modern looking fireplace? Are you looking for a beautiful red enamel electric stove? Would you like to add a bit of warmth to a chilly room? If you have an open corner or partial wall, then you are set. Both electric fireplaces and stoves usually have a built in thermostatic electric air heater to provide warmth as well as beauty.

Fire Simulation

Both electric fireplaces and stoves have the option to simulate fire. The modern electric fire simulation uses film technology that may fool people who see the fireplace in the room for the first time. With its accurate flickering and lighting variations, modern electric fireplaces and stoves give the feeling of seeing a real burning fire. In midline electric fires and stoves, the wood has a simulated burning effect that is painted and sculpted in a clay or resin material. The fire appears to leak out of the logs.

Attractive Choices

Electric fireplaces are designed to fully simulate wood fireplaces, including mantle styles and face styles. If you are looking for an oak or marble faced surround and mantel, high-end fireplaces often come with an electric insert option. If you are looking for an electric stove, some are designed to simulate high-end decorative stoves with cast iron looking decorative inserts and shiny enamel surfaces to create an eye-catching centerpiece for a room. Electric fireplaces may be freestanding or built in. Stoves may simulate a back wall chimney in some cases.

Perfect for Apartments or Rental Properties

For the apartment or townhome tenant, electric fireplaces and stoves do not change the surrounding structure, nor are they usually restricted by rental agreements. Both electric fireplaces and stoves are as easy to move as furniture. Now you are able to add the warmth and feel of a fireplace or stove even if the apartment did not have a fireplace to start.


If you find an attractive electric fireplace yet want portability, choose freestanding options. There are many beautiful oak, marble, tile or stone options that look built in, even though they are standing next to the wall. Electric stoves also have hearth options to give a built-in look without the permanence.

With the advent of modern electric fireplaces and stoves, any room may be chosen to have this architectural centerpiece installed. The number of choices and styles – from ultra modern, to Colonial – are available to compliment almost any decorative style.