Electrical Contractor Duties and Responsibilities

An electrical contractor is a professional who install, repairs, maintains and services equipment and other electrical installations. These installations need not be of his making or may not be previously installed by the electrician. In spite of this, many of these professionals may decline work due to the fact that they are not familiar with the installation if it were installed by another electrician.

Educational Attainment

The electrical contractor may have finished a post-secondary education in electrical engineering. This means that they have actually passed college with this as their major. There are also some electricians who may not have attained a college education but have finished high school and continued on to courses which are related to electrical studies.

The difference between the two is that the individual who have gone through electrical engineering is more likely to be able to handle bigger projects since he is sure to have graduated from a reputable school and is sure to have studied the principles and the dynamics concerning the course.

This is not to say that those who did not undergo the college course are not as skilled but they will have a difficult time being qualified and certified without a degree. There are also short term courses that can help individual who wish to be an electrical contractor achieve this. These courses usually last about two years and the graduates can be certified with a different diploma from the electrical engineer but can also work similarly as them with certain restrictions.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the electrician may vary depending on the contact that is brought up between him and the client. The electrical contractor may have work centered on construction sites such as the erection and installation of electrical devices and wirings which are needed to service the structure once it is finished. The estimation of the cost of both the materials d the labor falls on him and so with the purchase of the materials for each project, depending on the contract.

The safety of the project is also another priority that the electrical contractor should have. He has to ensure that his instructions as per the safety of the site and, more specifically, his area, are followed to avoid any untoward accidents. The coordination with other contractors who are responsible for other fields of the construction is also another thing that he should look out for. The timing of the construction and the melding of the different fields, such as the plumbing and the electrical ones should be coordinated well.

The hiring of other subordinates to help with the construction project is also included in the responsibilities of the electrician. The welfare of the one she has hired is also one of his lookouts. Progress reports which are usually given to the client to keep him up to date with the construction progress may be requested by the client from the electrician.