Elevator Etiquette – Going Up!

When you are in an elevator you will notice that conversations either stop or are reduced to a whisper. This is because no one wants to be overheard by the other people on the elevator, as they could be someone that's not saying what they're saying. That man next to you could possibly be your boss's third cousin, twice removed. Most people get self-conscious in these close quarters and will attempt to be as inconspicuous as possible in such a small area.

When the ride finishes, the person closest to the door should get out first. Both the elevator doors, nor those in the back of the elevator who are waiting to get out will show any sort of patience for the man that allows a woman behind him to get out first. A man has the option, after getting out of the elevator first, to stand aside and let her pass before him. A woman should not charge ahead from the back, assuming that the men in front of her will step out of her way. She should wait her turn in a civilized manner.

Gentlemen wearing hats should take them off while they are in an elevator in a residential building, unless the elevator he is in is crowded, in which case he should leave it on. He may also leave his hat on when riding in a public elevator, whether it's crowded or not. In olden days smoking was allowed on some elevators, but even then it was not proper to smoke in the elevator. These days smoking is not allowed in any elevator, so obviously you should refrain from it completely. Wait until you are out and away from the elevator to light up, so that those that were riding in the elevator with you do not have to smell your second second-hand smoke.

If you are in a building that has more than one elevator, it is not right for you to shout at the people that are in an elevator for them to hold it for you. You should also attempt to do it yourself by lunging forward and jamming the tip of your umbrella or your arm itself in between the closing door. It has been remarked that the people who do this – for some it's a reflex – are showing the mark of an overachiever that just can not be patient on their rise to the top. So do not reveal too much, be patient, and you'll only be delayed about half a minute before the next elevator coming.