Elevator Home

Lifestyles are chosen according to individual needs. These requirements can determine the characteristics which constitute an essential part of the dreams of origin. The characteristics may include a private swimming pool or an exclusive gym, a beautiful garden or a lift and more at home. Having a lift at home is an absolute necessity if the family has a member of very elderly who have lost the ability to move without aid or a member that is different abilities and can not step on the stairs, elevators and so help return Home happiness despite immobility due to illness, disability or old age.

Concord Elevator

Concord high with more than 30 years of specializing in elevators have developed many innovative products. Their products are of high quality lifts provides mobility and accessibility to people at home, as well as commercial premises. Ownership of Savaria Corp. and become the leading manufacturers and designers of its product range includes home elevators, luxury residential elevators, escalators, elevators, wheelchair lifts and residential elevators, automatic doors, etc. Concord have earned international recognition as the industry-leading quality and innovation combined with excellent customer service. His state of the art manufacturing facilities produce commercial and home elevators vertical lift, inclined platform lift trade and commercial staircase lift.

These products have been manufactured according to the highest standards. The house porch stairs and lift chairlift are industry leaders. The stairway lift services include both straight and curved staircases and escalators chairs to be used in the curve or circular stairs. Apart from meeting the standard sizes of construction, Concord elevators are fully equipped with the skills needed to be flexible and respond to the unique and different projects and building contractors, architects or owners. Its international network of distributors have the necessary skills for planning, designing, installing and maintaining elevators to give customers proper efficient functioning of the elevators that will last a lifetime. The professionalism and resourcefulness of its network of international distributors has been a source of pride and strength for Concord elevators. Customers running thousands testimony that lifts and elevators Savaria Concord and have improved the quality of their lives.

Daytona Elevator

Daytona Elev offer the most residential elevators soundless models that have a very good trip. They are made with precision levelling in each of the floors of security, while entering and exiting them. They design cars that suit passengers or only a motorized wheelchair or a wheelchair with a patient sitting in it, plus an assistant and so on. There are a lot of custom designed lifts due to the overwhelming demand for people who insist on custom designed elevator cars and unique features. A door designed in the shape of scissors metal coated in dust that is rigid is a standard fit for all lifts restriction on Estate Ltd, which is durable in three colors White, Black or Toast. All cars come with their elevator doors Accordion. The wooden railings in colors matching the cabin walls with chrome or brass standoffs which adds to the safety of travel in an elevator. The rails of polished chrome or brass can also be elected. The groups for the operation of the lift car is made using stainless steel or bronze finishes in two polished or brushed. The press buttons are illuminated for easy viewing. An emergency stop button to ensure greater security and also a light switch are standard with all lifts. There are also stations landing at the same ends with a call button and use of indicators. There is a car here that the light is optional to add to the functionality of the elevator. All the control panels have key locks for security and controlled access.

“Designer” is a popular and sophisticated version of a lift home. This model is suitable for those who want to design the interiors of the elevator. This is to improve the interior of their elevators according to your taste with decorations. The standard design has walls and roof of birch veneer, solid wood railing, recess for the lights with white trim bezels, car operating on the panel brushed bronze, finished without a word plus a door of scissors. Group times in Accordion-style gates with other up gradations are also possible. Melamine finish that offers a selection of natural wood grain finish oak or white are some specific architectural design interior finishing options that are available among others. There are multiple options for finished plastic laminate that provide not only a magnificent durable surface, but also a beautiful environment in the elevator inside.

The Telecab is a two-stop home elevator. This house demands lift the minimum amount of construction and maximizing the living room from a hoist so is not obliged to use this. This lift is attractive, economical and reliable offering is very modern design to meet their unique needs. It is an excellent choice for easy movement from floor to floor on behalf of the disabled person with a wheelchair or wrongly.