Embellish Your Writing With Famous Quotes And Sayings

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."

– George Bernard Shaw

Nothing can explain the deeper meaning of life than a wise man's quotation. Quotes are a way to express a lot in a few words. If you are a writer and want to make your writing impressive and appealing, employing the right quotes and saying at the right place will produce the best effect. It is an effective way to lend an authoritative tone to your writing. You can engage your readers in the basic thought more efficiently than you could otherwise do using your own words. You can find various famous quotes and sayings online that will suit your writing and thoughts.

How to Use Famous Quotes and Sayings

Using the right quotations in your writing is very important, otherwise, they will only prolong the piece without adding any actual value to its meaning. So, before integrating someone else's words into your writing, keep in mind:

* Whether the quote fits properly within the context of your writing.

* Whether it elucidates the message of your writing without making it more confusing.

* Whether it is in coherence with what you have said before or after it in your writing or speech.

Famous Quotes and Sayings: Some Basic Rules to Employ Them

Using somebody else's words to beautify and clarify your own words is perfectly legal. However, there are certain rules you must follow while using them:

* If you are incorporating famous quotes and sayings in the same word order in your writing, make sure that you keep them within quotation marks.

* Always state the author of the quotations whenever you use them. It makes their use legal while lending credibility to your writing.

* It is also recommended that you state the source from where you picked up the quotation. It gives an air of authenticity to the quote you are using.