Emergency Fire Blanket For Smoking Seniors

The cycle of life often dictates that one day we may be caring for a senior loved one. Being a caregiver is a challenging job for anyone and can lead to a great deal of stress and worry over your loved one. Two of the biggest concerns I often hear regarding the care of loved ones is the ability to call for assistance and concern over fire starting.

Today’s senior citizens grew up in an era where smoking was accepted and many still smoke to this day. I hear tales of cigarette burns in sheets or bed linens that leave caregivers on edge. A simple purchase can prevent fires from an accidental drop of a cigarette but should not be considered complete fire protection. Replacing your loved ones blanket with a fire blanket is inexpensive and can provide you with the piece of mind that your loved one will have some additional protection.

Fire blankets are made from wool and are machine washable. These fire retardant blankets typically are 62 inches by 80 inches long. Fire blankets once were available only in grey but now come in a variety of colors including forest green, khaki, maroon, and navy. The wool fabric is treated with Dupont X-12. This fire retardant treatment complies with the Federal Flammable Act, CS 191-53.

Additional steps can be taken to protect your loved one from fire related injuries. Caregivers of seniors that maintain some independence can rest assured that their loved one is safe and secure with the addition of a home security system that has fire and smoke monitoring. If a fire is detected the security provider’s monitoring center is immediately contacted providing a quick means of dispatching fire emergency response units. These security systems are more than just intruder detection and can monitor for carbon monoxide leaks, flooding in the home, and freezing pipes.

To provide caregivers with the assurance that their loved one can call for help if needed it is important to look into medical monitoring devices. Some security companies provide consumers with medical alert, video surveillance, and other helpful systems.

A medical alert system is a great way to give our loved ones the independence they desire. A button system is used to contact the customer monitoring center when help is needed. The personal help button can be a wristband button, a pendant or a stationary button. These alert systems have two-way voice communication with the intercom base unit. If your loved one falls a monitoring professional can speak directly with them in many cases. The pendant and wristband typically have a 300 foot range allowing your loved one to go out to the mailbox or to the garden with full protection.

These simple modifications can give caregivers the peace of mind they need in order to focus on their immediate family while caring for a senior loved one.