Emergency Supplies Everyone Needs Inside Their Vehicle

This winter I went to a neighboring city for the day. When I left home it was partly sunny and I thought a light sweater would be enough to wear for the day. At the last minute I did take my jacket. In two hours time the weather changed to blizzard conditions. It was snowing, blowing, and the electricity went out. Because of the storm I was a bit concerned and wondered if I would even be able to make it home because of the blizzard. I thought I had every thing in the trunk of my car I would need incase I couldn’t make it home through the storm so I felt secure in being prepared, (or so I thought).

I checked the trunk when I got home and found I didn’t have any emergency supplies. What a rude awakening for me. I had taken out my organizer with my first aid kit, blanket, emergency kit, everything else I had for emergencies and had never put them back.

This past week I was out of town and my daughter noticed one tire on my car had gone completely flat. I confidently told her to use the’ fix a flat can’ in the trunk to get my car to the shop to have it repaired. It is an inflator and sealer for tires. It is a foam, very easy to use and will allow you to drive on the tire for several miles until you can get the tire fixed. I had to use this product several years ago and I know it works. What peace of mind such a simple thing gives to me when I am driving in my car. I don’t have to have a jack or tools and it seals and inflates in minutes.

No matter that the weather or circumstances it is a good idea to have some basic supplies in our vehicles. That means in very vehicle we or someone else in our family drives.

Here is a list of suggested supplies to keep in our vehicles in case of an emergency:

Booster cables and/or…A 3-in-1 12Volt power station. It includes,

1) an emergency jump start system;

2) a 12 volt DC power supply which is a portable power source for lights, radio, cell phones;

3) long-lasting illumination for roadside emergencies, work areas and camp sites.

Car Jack You may have to use it someday so it is important to know how to use it. (Actually practice changing a tire before an emergency arises).

Spare tire Check it monthly to make sure it is pumped up and in useable condition.

Fix A Flat in a can

A first aid kit.

Road Flares

There are roadside emergency kits you can buy that are ready to go.

A sleeping bag, blanket. I carried an old quilt in my trunk for years thinking it was warm. We had to put it to the test and found it was not warm at all. Select a blanket to keep you warm. It can also come in handy if you are changing a tire and have to lay down on the ground.

A flashlight that works, check to see if it the batteries are good every three months.

Water to drink

Sit down and think what you might need in case of a break down or an emergency when you are in your car and make up your own kit for your specific needs.

Keep everything organized in a container that fits your vehicle whether it is in a car trunk, jeep, truck, SUV or mini van. The peace of mind you will have from being prepared is worth its weight in gold.