Emu Oil For Hair Loss – Is It Effective? How Does it Work?

Have you considered using emu oil for hair loss? You might be surprised of how good this treatment actually is.

Emu oil for hair loss: How does it work? What does it do? Emu is a flightless bird in the same bird family as kiwi and ostrich. In the past, emu oil has been one of the most reliable treatments. The efficacy of emu oil has been researched in Australia and they are the leading exporter of this wonder oil.

The anti inflammatory effects of this oil is widely known which is why it is a good treatment for those suffering from skin inflammatory problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Other than that, its list of benefits extends to our crowning glory. Countless individual studies say this oil can stimulate frontal hair regrowth.

Receding hair lines has been the problem of men suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This condition usually happens when there is an evident receding of the hairline and bald patches at the topmost part of the head. Many medications have been introduced to treat such a problem.

While most of them seem to be effective in reducing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth in the top most part of the head, there seems to be no improvements in frontal regrowth of hair. Even hair transplants have a difficulty doing this.

Emu oil for hair loss works by promoting hair growth not just to the frontal area but to the whole head. But how exactly does it work? This oil is actually made up of 100% triglyceride. This means it almost neutral lipid. Being a neutral lipid, it does not contain phospholipids.

Human skin does not contain phosphorous. This is the reason why anything that you put on your skin that contains phosphorus will not be readily absorbed by your skin. And again, this is probably the reason why some skin and hair products do not work.

This oil does not contain phosphorous or is phospholipids deficient which is why it can be absorbed by the skin better than any other substance out there. Using this alone is already beneficial. But if you want your treatment to work better for you, adding emu oil to it is a good idea so that it can be absorbed by the skin better.

You can make your own oil shampoo by combining your shampoo with this oil for hair and massaging it to your scalp. You can try provillus anti hair loss shampoo and place emu oil in it. The contents of Provillus can be absorbed better by your scalp because of this oil.

There is no harm in trying emu oil for hair loss. It is safe and natural and you can use your hair loss treatment together with it. Try this kind of treatment and it might just deliver the excellent results you have been longing for.