Enchanting Designs of White Gold Earrings for All Fashion Lovers

Yellow gold jewelery still forms the staple collection, and those from the earlier period have been handed down as heirlooms and are treasured as priced assets. Although yellow gold remains to be the favorite of the majority, white gold has been gaining popularity since past few decades. Trendy jewelry contracting bracelets, rings, earrings, chains, necklaces and pendants are available in white and yellow gold.

White gold is made by alloying gold with silver or palladium. Jewelry made out of this gold is plated with rhodium, which enhances the white color. Hallmarks help distinguishing the colors of any gold, sterling silver and platinum. Gold earrings come in a countless of styles and designs, and women, and also men be able to select from a broad range. Ranging from simple studs to drops and chandeliers, White gold jewelery is popular along the younger generation. These earrings are safe on sensitive skin, and are available in numerous sizes and styles that complement shape of the wearer's face. Hoops can be found as round, square, oval or unusual geometric shapes that captivate the youngsters. Also they are available as clip-on earrings for non-pierced ears, and as sleeper earrings that can be worn for long period so time, especially for children. Flat studs with screw backs and small hoops are comfortable sleeper earrings.

The combined beauty of gold colors namely, yellow, white and rose gold have led to the creation of tricolor earrings which are unique and wonderful. For example they may be created by blending yellow and white gold using the 14K rose gold. Half hoop earrings are much lighter, though they provide the appearance of the brilliant hoops. Gold may have some diamonds set on it, rendering a brilliant and expensive jewelry design.

Gold jewelry, no matter if it is yellow gold or white gold could be combined with colorful precious stones like garnet, emerald or topaz and even few of them to form multi-color designs. However, white gold earrings in particular, look lovely with every color of gemstone, and more they go well with different colors of clothes or outfits. An additional amazing characteristic of light gold is that it looks like platinum jewelry, the more expensive preference.

White gold can last a lifetime with correct maintenance, which needs regular cleansing. A mild soap solution using a drop of ammonia is sufficient to clean them. The rhodium plating contributes to its whiteness, and if the white color begins fading away, the jewel could be taken to a jeweler and covered with rhodium over again. It's also wise to avoid wearing any gold, while working with chemicals, including household chemical like bleaches.