Enclosure Plastic – Its Various Types and Applications

Plastic enclosures have different uses. It is a popular industrial product in the field of electronics. A lot of companies selling a piece categorize the product according to its uses. The most popular ones are connector shells and desktop enclosures. Variations of the enclosure plastic are aluminum enclosures.

In order to understand the product very well, it pays to check on the different areas where it is applied. Below are some facts explaining what the product is about and how it is used. Concrete examples are also given.

Electronic and instrument enclosures

With this type of enclosure, plastic is used in order to house various electronic parts as well as instruments. Most of the time, they are designed for desktops and other handheld gadgets. The shape of this enclosure may either be rectangular or slanted. In some instances, they may also be shaped like a "t". Concrete applications are calculators, remote controls, cash registers and other instruments used for data acquisition.

Console enclosures

These are structures which are freestanding in nature. It is distinguishable because it usually has a sloped front or sometimes a sloped top. With this enclosure, plastic serves as a protector for the equipment specifically that of computer monitors. Aside from polycarbonate materials used in order to make the enclosure, steel or stainless steel are also considered.

There are desk and control panel consoles too. Desk consoles are highly favorable for applications where operators of the equipment or electrical component sit most of the time. Control panel consoles are for electrical components where operators stand for longer periods.

Rack enclosures

This type of plastic enclosure is important in laboratories. Usually, it houses rack-mounted components whose sizes are about 19 inches. In most industries where the rack enclosure is used, a person is guaranteed to be protected from accidents or injuries.

There are different mounting styles for this enclosure. With the several styles come different sizes as well as sealing configurations. Before one ever picks rack enclosures, the length, height and width of the object are considered.

Other plastic enclosures

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other types of enclosure – plastic or aluminum alike. Personal computers usually opt for this type of industrial product to complete its look. Terminal boxes that contain wiring systems may also be encased inside a piece of this plastic. Generally, it is termed as industrial enclosures therefore they are indeed helpful in a lot of industries.