End-Time Locusts May Have Arrived!

Description of end-time locusts from John and Joel:

V. 9. Breastplates like iron. Reminds us of the helicopter / machine description that many see. A steel – plated vehicle impenetrable by normal weapons. Have we not seen all this on the movies of horror? No not really, but we get a little inkling from them. Martians. Machines. War of the Worlds. It's coming. Really coming here.

V. 10. The scorpion-like "tails" of these monsters are undetected weapons like we have seen jutting out from helicopters, planes, tanks. Guns, loaded with peroxide biological weapons, that spread a virus from one community to another, sickening but not yet killing, all in their pathway.

They operate, not only in the air and in the typical battlefield, but in the city, running across city walls. They even climb into people's homes through the windows. Horror!

I get the helicopter thing. But these are land creatures too. We've seen vehicles that can operate equally well on land and in water. Now we will see an air / land hybrid.

Perhaps a drone? * No human contact, totally controlled remotely? War games in the most literal of senses? Are there thousands upon thousands of these being manufactured secretly and stored underground in a common location, to be released when God says release?

In Joel:

Joel's 2:10 uncovers an earthquake, and signs in the heavens. These things are not caused by the locusts, but happen at a very close time to them.

We have only now to see who (Who) is in charge of all this.

Verse 11 in both chapters gives an answer.

Joel: This is the Lord's army! This is the Lord executing His Word, fulfilling His promises, judging evil that righteousnessous will prevail! "The day of the Lord is great and very terrible …"

John – or his accompaniment angel – prefers to tell us the name of the "angel of the abyss", the one who was called down from the heavenlies to open the bottomless pit. He is their head, their king, we are told. This leads us to believe that when 9: 1 speaks of an angel "falling" to the earth, we are to take literally that fall, as in Satan's fall from his glory.

Neverheless, I do not believe this angel, this king of the monsters, is Satan himself, who is occupied on the earth filling up the man "antichrist". Satan is not omnipresent. Rather, one who has been appointed by Satan to destroy is before us. He is given a name here. It is not Satan, or the serpent, or the devil, or Lucifer, names we would have had identified with our mortal enemy. No, his name is Abaddon (Hebrew "destruction") or Apollyon (Greek, "destroyer"). As head of an army of locusts that destroy people's health, their homes, and who knows what else, it is an apt title.


I am about finished. A bit exhausted, in fact, in seeing these horrible things up close. Imagine Joel or John having received even more first-hand the information I have presented to you. Joel lived through the destruction of grasshopper-locusts, and saw their evolution into a creature of end-time horror. John was approached by an angel practically into their faces. His description is terrifying, but builds on the original given to the prophet of Judah.

There can be no mistake. I can not find other words to prescribe how calamitous the final years of this planet before Christ's coming will be. One third of civilization wiped out. Charred woodlands. Burnt fields. Men and women and children crying out for help from a disease that will paralyze them for half a year. Military might showing its muscle and gut to the point of, well, no return except His return.

And thank God for His return. Revelation 9 is not the end of the Book. But it's in there. Locusts that look like horses that look like people that run and climb and fly and march and terrorize. The locusts are coming.

Now read from this online article to see if maybe they are already here:

"Drones will hunt in packs, as US Navy unveils LOCUST prototype launcher." Http://www.rt.com/usa/250233-us-drones-navy-locust/

"Drone technology is getting ever more deadly. The US Navy has released a video detailing LOCUST – the new tool allowing multiple drones to coordinate and swarm the enemy autonomously.It's designed to protect large US vessels nearby.

The concept was detailed by the Navy last year, which only this month allowed the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to demonstrate what LOCUST – or the Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Technology program – can do. They're touting the tool as a new era in autonomous warfare.

"LOCUST is essentially a system that can launch swarming UAVs to overwhelm the enemy and provide the marines and sailors operating them with a massive tactical advantage, ONR explains in the press release.

"The recent demonstrations are an important step on the way to the 2016 ship-based demonstration of 30 rapidly launched autonomous, swarming UAVs," program manager Lee Mastroianni says.

"This level of autonomous swarming flight has never been before … UAVs that are expendable and reconfigurable will free manned aircraft and traditional weapon systems to do more, and especially multiply combat power at reduced risk to the warfighter," he adds.

"The program acts in several stages: first, a tube-based launcher will fire a swarm of UAVs from a ship, aircraft, or any surface, for that matter – owed to the device's small footprint." Once airborne, the drones share information and Coordinate an offense or a defense, each drone playing its allotted part.

"ONR says the technology is revolutionary in its heavy advantage over remote-controlled UAVs. But safeguards are always needed, so human personnel will be standing by to take over if necessary.

"The added benefit of the new drone program, and drones in general, is their ability to save greatly on costs for the US military. The emphasis on autonomy on the battlefield will become even greater over the next 10-15 years, according to the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert's outline of the strategy.

The ONR is not the first to research the field of multiple UAVs linking up to perform joint tasks. The famous Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has been pursuing its Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) program, which aims to allow a single pilot to operate multiple drones at once, as well as its own aircraft. "

What is your conclusion? As for me, I believe we are very close …