Energy Efficiency Will Save You Money On Light Bulbs

The next time that you go light bulb shopping, you should consider more than just the price. By purchasing a higher priced light bulb, you will not have to replace it as much, and it will even reduce your electricity bill.

Did you know that there's a 100-year-old light bulb that still burns brightly? That's right, in the Livermore fire station hangs a light bulb that has been burning since 1901. It was created by Dennis Bernal, who owned the Livermore Light Bulb Company at the time, and was a pioneer in the industry.

Changing light bulbs only once per 100 years would save cash, but these types are not sold by any bulb manufacturing company. It does show that you can save money by selecting the right bulb.

To start saving, there are 4 simple terms you need to know:


A watt is a unit in which electricity is measured. The reason that you need to know this is because some outlets have a maximum recommended wattage, or some products with light bulbs give very specific instructions as to what wattage to purchase.


This type of lighting uses a filament that, when heated, glows. It is the glowing filament that produces the light.


These types of light bulbs have a mercury vapor that emits light when exposed to electricity.


When manufacturers refer to the "life" of a light bulb, they are talking about how long it will last.

OK, now we've done the terms, here's a rundown of some of the most popular light bulb choices and the specifics of each.

Incandescent light bulbs are the most popular type, and one reason is that they are the most inexpensive. They come in wattages ranging from 15 to 150, and even come in different colors that will give your room various feels. Try a blue incandescent light bulb for a crisp, clear feel, or an off-white one for a softer look. Incandescent light bulbs come in many different shapes, such as A-line, flicker, globe, reflective, bullet, tubular and those created specifically for ceiling fans.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are commonly thought of when someone is trying to save on their energy costs. They are about sixty times as energy efficient as an incandescent light bulb, and because of that, they cost more. You can purchase them for any standard size light socket, and also come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. In addition, you can buy a compact fluorescent light bulb for either inside of your home – or out. One word of caution; these light bulbs do not withstand power surges well, so be careful where you place them.

Florescent light bulbs are traditionally thought of for office spaces, workrooms and even some kitchen areas. In the past, they were limited to only white, but recent improvements have made them available in more colors. You can choose the traditional white, or try a soft white, sunlight for areas that do not have a lot of windows, or natural for when you want the colors of the room to be bright and bold.

Finally, halogen light bulbs are the top of the line because they are the most energy efficient. They are made similar to compact fluorescent light bulbs, but are about three times more long-lasting than them. In fact, these super light bulbs will produce 50 percent more light than the exact same amount of energy! They are known to give the clearest and crispest light and will work best for tasks that include tiny details, reading or studying.